Theodore Xavery (18th century), Netherlands

  • Mercury and Argus (ca 1750-1760), ivory relief, elliptic, 10.6 × 8.0 cm, Theodore Xavery (18th century). London: Victoria & Albert Museum, A. 17-1964. Mercury sits playing a cylindrical pipe (possibly a recorder) to a reclining Argus who is almost asleep. Io watches from behind a tree.

Juan & Miguel Ximénez

Spanish painters working in Aragon: Miguel was active from 1466 until his death in 1505; his son, Juan, was active from ca 1500 until his death, also in 1505.

  • Coronation of the Virgin, painting, Juan & Miguel Ximenez (op. 1466-1505). Location unknown. Ref. Website: gallica (2012-b&w). Mary is crowned by Jesus whilst, from a gallery behind the throne, three angels play cylindrical pipes, very likely recorders, given the fingering. A fourth angel plays a lute.

A. Xuareb

Italian artist active in Napoli (18th century, op. 1764).

  • Peasants Merrymaking in Landscapes (1764), oil on canvas, 50.8 × 99.1 cm, A. Xuareb (18th century) after Pietro Bardellino (1728-1819). South Kensington: Christie’s Sale 8985, Old Master Paintings, 15 December 2000, Lot 173 (sold). Ref. Website: Blouin Art Sales Index (2001-col.) In one of two panels peasants amuse themselves playing an enormous tambour, a long-necked lute and a narrow cylindrical pipe (possibly a recorder, though the instrument appears featureless). A young child, naked apart from a tattered shirt, dances a hambone. In a companion painting, peasants carouse and dance.

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