Two of the databases presented here contain details of all historic and extant recorder makers of whom I am aware. Two further databases concern surviving historic instruments and the collections in which they may be examined. Their operation is (or should be) self-explanatory. To submit corrections and additions please email me.

The Contemporary Makers page offers some suggestions for instruments suitable for children, for amateurs and for those with physical disabilities. And a number of pre-formed queries are available to enable rapid retrieval of information on the availability of particular styles of recorder.

The Construction and Design page is a bibliography concerning the making of recorders, arranged under a number of useful headings. Although of general interest to wind-instrument makers, repairers and player, the focus is largely on the literature of relevance to makers themselves.

The extended article on the Medieval Recorder ranges over a wide range of topics and presents many original observations and conclusions of my own. It is supported by a comprehensive bibliography. 

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