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  4. Use a minus sign (hyphen) immediately before a word to exclude it from the search results, e.g. a search on ‘Frans -Brüggen’ will return pages containing the name ‘Frans’ but not those also containing the word ‘Brüggen’.
  5. Unless searching for a specific phrase omit articles and prepositions such as a, and, the, of, for, on, etc. If you are looking for a phrase such as ‘The Sweet and Bitter Flute’, entering ‘Sweet Bitter Flute’ will generate a list of links to all of the pages that contain all three of those words.
  6. Use double quotes to search for a specific phrase, e.g. “Sweet and Bitter Flute”.
  7. Once you have received your list of targets, follow the links and use your browser’s Find function to assist in locating exactly what it is you are searching for.
  8. For more detailed help with using the Google search engine see here
  9. The Google search engine cannot easily search the large amounts of information held in the various data-sets underlying this site. These are best queried directly – see side-bar for links.

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