Recorded Recorders

A comprehensive database of 13,400+ recordings which feature the recorder and its music may be accessed via the side panel to the right of this article. It includes LPs, EPs, MCs, CDs and audio files. 

The discography shows the recorder employed in its wide repertoire from broken consorts of the renaissance to the concertos and sonatas of the baroque and to the recorder concertos of the 20th and 21st centuries. In between, are examples of the recorder in ethnic and popular music, Celtic and punk music, and new age music.

In addition to recordings that feature the recorder, a great many performances of medieval, renaissance, ethnic, and popular music employ recorders as part of the ensemble. Many of the examples listed here are directed by recorder players and so might be expected to make prominent use of the instrument. Others are there simply at readers’ request. An extensive index to other early music recordings together with notes and reviews is available at the Early Music FAQ site (see below).

Where they are provided, or where it is possible to infer them, Opus and catalogue numbers of works by Corelli and Handel have been given in the Contents list for each recording that includes works by either of those composers. As time permits, works by Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, and others will be accorded similar treatment.

To add details of recordings of which you are aware please email Nicholas Lander as many of the following details as possible:

  • Title (as it appears on the LP, Cassette, or CD front cover)
  • Performers (names, instruments played)
  • Composers
  • Contents (ie items performed with composer abbreviation)
  • Label details (name, catalogue number or code)
  • Date recorded
  • Date released
  • Duration
  • Recorders used – including maker, type, pitch, and year of manufacture
  • Comments, including reviews (author, reference details), contact information, web pages, etc.
  • Cover image URL

Playalong Recordings


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Online Catalogues of Composers Works


This database includes records from a number of sources, amongst them:

  • The former Recorded Recorders Database maintained by Nicholas Lander and Christopher Short (> 900 CDs)
  • A database maintained privately by Liesbeth van der Sluijs documenting her recorder LP collection (> 1000 LPs)
  • Internet sites (most of the rest), including those of retailers and on-line catalogues of public and academic libraries
  • Review articles in various journals, principally those devoted to early music in general and the recorder in particular
  • Submissions from visitors to this site

A regular contributor of new sightings, corrections, and additional information to this database has been Sascha Mommertz (Landgraaf, Netherlands), to whom we are most grateful.

Of the many Internet resources consulted the most useful to date have been:

Liesbeth found many additions to her LP Collection at

Readers are encouraged to make free use of the information presented here. However, extensive use or citation should be acknowledged in the usual way.

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