Many people have assisted with contributions to the above list, corrections, and image scans. Amongst them are Dr Ruth van Baak-Griffioen (Williamsburg, Virginia), Paolo Biordi (Florence), Jan Bouterse (The Hague), Dr Armin Brinzing (Munich), Dr Antonio Avarex Cañibaño (Madrid), Dr Florence Gétreau (Paris), Dr Magda Kyrova-Klerk (The Hague), the late Dr Hermann Moeck (Celle), Constance Old (New York), Amanda Pond (Milford, Connecticut), Wilfried Praet (Nieuwkerken, Belgium), Anita Randolfi (New York), Dr Constance Scholten (The Hague), Prof. Tilman Seebass (Innsbruck), Liesbeth van der Sluijs (Amsterdam), Prof. Angelo Zaniol (Venice), and Anthony Rowland-Jones (Cambridge, UK). Prime amongst these has been the late Anthony Rowland-Jones whose unstinting support, contributions and ongoing corrections, additions and comments have been invaluable. Anthony wishes to acknowledge the financial support he received for his work from Anglia Polytechnic University and the assistance given by his wife, Christina, and son, Charles, who have both made discoveries and observations of their own.

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