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Title Die Moderne Altblockflöte. Eingespielt auf Modernen Blockflöten.
Performers Nikolaj Tarasov (recorder)
Composers Domenica Gabrielli
Johann Sebastian Bach
Georg Philipp Telemann
Narcisse Bousquet
Hans Gal
Helmut Bornefeld
Erroll Garner
Content Ricercar 5 (Gabrielli)
Allemande, from Partita BWV 1013 (Bach)
Fantasie 9 (Telemann)
Grande Caprice 1 (Bousquet)
Allegro energico, from Sonatina, Op. 110B (Gal)
Drei kleine Stücke (Bornefeld)
Misty (Garner)
Label Moeck 6715-MOLL Mini CD, demonstration record for these recorders
Recorded (DE)
Released 199.
Recorders recorders by Moeck
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Date Released, Length.
Medium CD
Cover image
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